About Stew

Stew has been winning awards and accolades as a vocal impersonator since the 90s when he first entered and won a singing contest for tickets to Bruce Springsteen at the Boston Garden. Since then, he's received more notice on local radio stations for his singing impressions of classic rockers like John Mellencamp, Bono, and the Moody Blues and continues to receive plenty of positive praise from around the globe for his many vocal performances on youtube!

Catch Stew with his band, Electric Legacy, on Saturday, February 15th, as they cover the best hits from each decade since the 60s. Hull, MA.

Live @ Hajjars



Stew will be fronting Electric Legacy as they take the stage at Hajjars Bar & Grill In Weymouth, MA.  from 9 pm till after midnight. See you there!

One man covering the greatest icons in music history!

Coming soon- "I AM LEGENDS" : A staged tribute to Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Paul Simon,, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Kurt Cobain & Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.

Live@Daddy's Beach Club!

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